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Piano Backings by Daniele

Not actively taking requests but still have some capacity.

Reach out via the form below and I'll let you know if I can take your request on :)

Hi there, Piano Backings by Daniele is a small business I started towards the end of 2020 to benefit artists in preparing for auditions. I initially started this initiative with a pay as you feel system but as time progressed, I found it easier to have pre-determined prices for each tracks. It's worth noting that if the song is a Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown or Adam Guettal song; I may need to review the prices - these pieces generally need a little more time and effort to put the tracks together. 

This is a new page I've created to help with bringing all this information together. I'm always open to feedback in making things more accessible and easier to comprehend. Shoot me through an email :) 

It's worth noting that this isn't a full time venture. There are definitely times when I won't be able to take on any jobs. I ask for your patience during these times. I will do my best to keep you informed if I'm in a busy period and unable to take on any tasks. 

Scanning Tips

Please click here for a short article on how to scan your music. 

What to do?

Please fill out this form.


The form will allow you to attach a YouTube Link, a voice memo (optional), and attached your sheet music in a PDF format. 

Pricing Information

$10 - 16 Bar Cut

$15 - 32 bar cut 

$30 - Full song

How to pay?

Bank Payment

BSB 923100 ACC 301110875


Card Payment

When to pay?

You can pre-pay or post-pay. 

When should I expect my track?

You'll receive your track on the date that you've listed on the form. 


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