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January 2014 - March 2016
Australian Institute of Music (AIM)
Bachelor of Music


2013-Present: Music Director/Pianist/Arranger for Broadway Unplugged

September 2019: The Beautiful Game

July 2019: Bring It On

June 2019: Seussical

March 2019: 50 Shades The Musical

January 2019: Starbound 15

2018: VCA Company '18 Music Theatre Showcase

2018: Assistant Music Director, Into The Woods (VCA)

2018: Music Director Bring It On

2018: Music Director A Little Night Music

2018: Music Director for A Fine Romance, 2016

2017: Music Director APO Music Theatre Showcase, APO Dance Academy

2016: Assistant Music Director (Keys 2) for Heathers MD. Bev Kennedy

2016: Music Director (Pianist) for A Fine Romance 'JTM Productions'

2016: Deputy Music Director for Godspell

2016: Music Director (Pianist) for Thrill Me 'Ghost Light Productions'

2015: Performer (Pianist/Vocalist) for Spiegelicious Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance'

2014: Music Director/Pianist for King Kong Charity Concert


2019 Keyboard 1 for Starbound 15

2018 Keyboard 1 for Into The Woods (VCA)

2017 Deputy Keyboards for The Bodyguard

2017 Keyboard 1 for Mary Poppins
Mount Scopus Secondary College

2017 Keyboard 2 for Stage School Australia Stage School Australia

2016 Keyboard 2 for Heathers
MD. Bev Kennedy

2014 Keyboard 2 for Carrie
MD. Andrew Leach, David Piper

2014 Rehearsal Pianist for Showboat
'The Production Company’ MD. Kellie Dickerson

2014 Keyboard 2 for Pacific Overtures
'Watch This!’ MD. Robyn Womersley 

2013 Keyboard 2 for Children of Eden
MD. Cameron Thomas


2019 Singing Sondheim VCA Breadth Unit

2018 Accompanist/Assistant MD at The VCA on Into The Woods (MD. Kellie Dickerson)

2016 Accompanist for Music Theatre at The VCA, 

2015 Music Director for Music Theatre Intensive course at The Space

2015 Accompanist and Music Theory teacher at Spectrum Dance

2013 - 2015 Vocal Coach/Accompanist for Stage School Australia (SSA)

Ongoing Vocal Coach/Accompanist at Patrick Studios Australia

2013 - 2014 Music Theory, Accompanist, Vocal Coach at APO

2013 - Present Song Repertoire Teaching, Accompanist at Ministry of Dance (MOD)

2013 - Present Vocal Coach/Accompanist at Showfit (Centrestage)


2019 Rehearsal pianist for Wicked
Mount Scopus Secondary College

2018 Rehearsal pianist for The Little Mermaid
Mount Scopus Secondary College

2017 Rehearsal pianist for Mary Poppins
Mount Scopus Secondary College

2016 Rehearsal Pianist for Company
‘Watch This!’

2015 Pianist for Jekyll & Hyde Dance Workshop,
Chor. Callum Mansfield

2015 Pianist for Australian Children’s Choir Inc.,

2014 Pianist for Impromptunes

2014 Accompanist for Cabaret Winter Workshop
Dir. Queenie Van De Zandt


2017 Music Director/Pianist for Loves Bites, April 2017

2016 Music Director/Pianist for Buried At Sea, September 2016

2016 Music Director/Pianist for Unmasking Prince Charming, September 2016

2016 Music Director/Pianist for I See Me; and Meryl Streep, June 2016

2015 Pianist for Rob Mills… Is Surprisingly Good, October 2015
Perf. Rob Mills

2015 Music Director/Pianist for Femme Fatale, September 2015

2015 Music Director/Pianist for Unmasking Prince Charming, September 2015

… Music Director/Pianist for I See Me; and Meryl Streep

… Music Director/Pianist for Ich Bin Ein Belinda,

… Music Director/Pianist for Miss Adventures of Miss Bouzy Rouge

… Pianist for Odd Socks,

… Music Director/Pianist for These Things Take Wine

… Music Director/Pianist for Bourbon St To Broadway, February

… Music Director/Pianist for Namaste

… Pianist for Blue Soul, Red Heart


2018 Madiba

2015 Fiddler On The Roof, Melbourne, TML Enterprises

2015 Hugh Jackman Arena Spectacular, Melbourne,
Dainty Group

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