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A little more on what I offer...

All of my teachings are informed by Buddhist and yogic philosophies.

Finding ways to operate in the world from a place of truth. This is a heart centred approach and can help transmute and transform unhelpful tendencies and habits. My approach is holistic and process oriented with a focus on the journey, and not the destination.


Vocal coaching

  • breath work

  • body work and alignment

  • mind and body integration

  • repertoire coaching

  • audition workshop


Piano Lessons

  • learn in a fun and supportive environment

  • learn to sing and accompany yourself

  • improve your musicianship and understanding of music theory


Performance coaching

  • understand your mind

  • overcome performance anxiety


Kinesiology (coming soon)

  • understand the subconscious patterns behind your habits

  • create a more holistic relationship between your mind and body

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