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The Beautiful Game

Last week, we opened the Beautiful Game at Chapel Off Chapel. I've had a great deal of enjoyment bringing Andrew Llyod Webber's stunning score to life. We run for another week and a half, and close on September 29. The cast have been an extreme joy to work with - both very skilled and intuitive actors and I've been working with an extraordinary group of musicians.

Keyboard 1/Conductor - Daniele Buatti

Keyboard 2 - Peter Verhagen (dep; Samuel Loomes)

Keyboard 3 - Shuko Hirose (dep; Samuel Loomes)

Winds - Stuart Byrne (dep; Claire Nicholson, Nichaud Munday)

Violin - Evangeline Victoria (dep; Sarah Nieuwkerk)

Guitar - Jason Rodi

Bass - Christopher Beckitt

Drums - Brooke Custerson

Percussion - Lara Wilson (dep; Bryn Bowen)

Director: Karen Jemison

Choreographer: Sue-Ellen Shook

Photographer: Jodie Hutchinson

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