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I’m currently working on A Chorus Line with Federation University.

Today, I did a few trial tests with group audio applications.

The first one that I’ve been playing with, as we know, has been Music 101. Music 101, running a server via my machine, doesn’t seem to run as smoothly as my other two servers - one via GCP and the other, streamline.

The other thing that’s worth noting, is that I’ve managed to set up my ip address as ‘’ This is SUPER nifty but it’s useless if the connection is weak.

So, after some not great luck with Music101, I moved back to Netty McNetface.

I ran some clap tests, via Netty, using the three servers I had setup. I’ll need to upload a visual of the recordings that I managed to grab from that test. It looks like Streamline and Google are the go to, and anything that was run via my computer, didn’t have great audio quality. Note: it would be worth trialling my server, a little more.

After this, I did some more Netty/Music 101 tests. Still lag unfortunately. Minimal though but still enough to grate on me when playing with someone.

I walked through the process of setting up Jack and Jacktrip with one of the students and we managed to connect. At the time, Jack Wasn’t seeing my audio device properly (I’ve now fixed this). So, the audio was very clear and there was still some noticeable latency. I’ve since installed Jack via a central server (streamline) and the next step will be to connect to streamline using Jack and see how the latency is for that. And I’m guessing the step after that, is to install Jack and Jacktrip on the google server.

I also discovered a new program. Oh, boy!

The interface really intrigues me, as it appears to be a little more user friendly than some programs but still provides a lot of functionality! There is also a trial iOS application that I’m keen to give a go.

The end of day message I sent to the trial group:


Friends Just to summarise.

• Stephen is in the middle of installing Jack.

• Connor Installed Jack and it worked!

• There is a google server set up for Netty AND Music101 // . <==== this will remain open

• There is a 'streamline' server set up for Netty AND Music101 // <==== this will remain open

• Anyone interested in installing Jack, follow this guide for PC:

• If you're on a Mac, download these links (and I'll guide you through)

• LASTLY I've found a third program called Sono

◦ For anyone interested, download the equivalent for your operating system

This is a lot! But I'm patient and don't want to rush any of this. Do what you feel comfortable doing


What’s next...?

- Trial JackTrip with Connor

- Trial JackTrip with Stephen

- Install Jack/JackTrip on the google machine

- Still work on setting up music101 server on my machine

- Trial SonoBus

Note: Jacktrip shuts down if it doesn’t see any data being sent

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