Event Entertainment

Venue Confirmed. Catering Sorted. Guests Invited

The last ingredient; entertainment

And, no, not a DJ... that's too impersonal. Definitely not an iPod. You need something intimate with a flair of mystery.

I specialise in weddings, birthdays, functions, parties, soirées... and all the events in between!

Celebrate the New Year with style... Enjoy a sing-along from the comfort of your couch... 

I am the piano man you've been looking for! 

Specialising in creating a 
fun and relaxed atmosphere whilst imbuing your event with an air of elegance and class.

Handpicked from the 1920s to deliver you a superb evening that will keep your guests enthralled.
My specialty doesn't merely lie in a piano and a microphone; it is in a special and unique place: I can read a room like no other. I understand exactly what your guests want before they even know! 

Perhaps we start with something simple. Your guests arrive to the backdrop of eloquent and classy jazz piano whilst enjoying their complimentary sparkling.

Then the night begins to evolve! Ok, let's introduce some beautiful, sultry jazz standards. Sinatra. Fitzgerald. Bublé. Keep it subtle.

...the possibilities are endless.

Take out the single malt whisky, gather around the piano and let's get intimate for a moment.

Sing through the classics and join in! No worries for the shy ones - they can always sit and enjoy the fun.

Time has passed, drinks have been consumed, guests are elated.

Let's take it to an extra level - why not? Make things a little bit more theatrical. Take out the real WOW! numbers. Show your guests that they're in the presence of a true star. Maybe the night ends there... most of your guests have left but a group remains.

Oh... and did I mention I love every last moment of this?

It brings my heart absolute joy to entertain others.

Call on 0424 174 067 or get in touch over email and let's start a conversation.

Daniele Buatti 2019 © 0424 174 067 info@danielebuatti.com

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